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Sanitizing the Unit

The concept of sanitizing a SecureSync unit refers to erasing usage data that may be stored in volatile and/or non-volatile memory, i.e. permanently eliminating any data that could be used to trace the unit's former usage. This data may include – but is not limited to – logs, configuration settings, IP addresses, passwords, GNSS geographic positioning data, and network-specific usage data.

The document Sanitization if Internal Memory lists what data is stored in which memory, and how to sanitize the respective device.

From a top level, cleaning a SecureSync involves restoring the following to factory default configurations:

  1. The file system on the Compact Flash (CF) card is restored to factory state by removing the logs and restoring all configuration files to the default factory state.
  2. Commercial GPS/GNSS receivers have stored position data deleted, and are setup to resurvey on reboot.
    • The command line gpsreset clean option erases the GPS/GNSS receiver flash memory, returning it to factory state and setting up to resurvey.
  3. SAASM GPS receivers are zeroized which deletes position, GPS data and keys.
    • Without valid keys the SAASM GPS only operates in L1 C/A mode like a commercial GPS receiver.

Physically Removing the CF Card

  1. Read the topic SAFETY and follow all applicable instructions pertaining to safety and ESD compliance.
  2. Remove the top cover off the chassis.
  3. Locate the card socket on the main PCB.
  4. Remove the metal bar that holds the card in the socket.


Starting in system software version 4.8.7 (see under TOOLS > SYSTEM: Upgrade/Backup), the Compact Flash card can be modified in several different ways via Actions panel under TOOLS > SYSTEM: Upgrade/Backup:

  • Restore Configuration: This will reset all user configurations to factory defaults with the exception of networking settings and GPS position. Network settings can be changed, if desired, via the Web UI, via the front panel, or the serial command line interface. The GPS position can be deleted via INTERFACES > REFERENCES: GNSS 0.
  • * Clean Configuration and Halt *: This will delete the network settings and the GPS position, as well as resetting all other user configurations to factory default. Alternatively, "Clean" or "CleanHalt" can be initiated through the front panel or command line interface.

Removing Other Files From the CF Card

While the restore and clean functions reset the configuration parameters, they do not remove any files that may have been uploaded via FTP. One way to delete these files, if any, is via the Update System Software functionality under TOOLS > SYSTEM: Upgrade/Backup.

The Clean Upgrade function wipes the CF card clean and recreates every system file. An upgrade alone does not.

Note: When selecting both the Perform Upgrade checkbox, and the Clean Upgrade checkbox, Force Upgrade will also be automatically selected, as necessary for this process.

Further Reading

For more information on sanitization, see: