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Dynamic vs. Static IP Address

On a DHCP network (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), SecureSync's IP address will be assigned automatically once it is connected to the DHCP server. This negotiated address and other network information are displayed on the unit front panel when the unit boots up.

If you plan on allowing your SecureSync to use this negotiated DHCP Address on a permanent basis, you can skip the following topics about setting up an IP address, and instead proceed to Accessing the Web UI, in order to complete the SecureSync configuration process.

Please note:

Unless you are using DNS in conjunction with DHCP (with the client configured using SecureSync's hostname instead of IP address), Spectracom recommends to disable DHCP for SecureSync, and instead use a static IP address. Failure to do this can result in a loss of time synchronization, should the DHCP server assign a new IP address to SecureSync.