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Selecting a GNSS Receiver Mode

When connected to a GNSS antenna that receives a GNSS signal, SecureSync can use GNSS as an input reference. The factory default configuration allows GNSS satellites to be received/tracked with no additional user intervention required.

However, there are several user-configurable GNSS settings:

  • The Receiver Mode function allows the GNSS receiver to operate in either a stationary mode (“Standard” or “Single Satellite” modes), or in a mobile mode environment e.g., in a vehicle, ship or aircraft.
  • Offset [ns]: to account for antenna cable delays and other latencies
  • Receiver dynamics (supported only by u-blox M8T and Trimble Res-T receivers): to optimize performance for land, sea or air operation
  • The ability to delete the stored GNSS position information (latitude, longitude and antenna height).
  • The option to determine when a resurvey is to be performed (supported only by newer GNSS receivers).

To configure the GNSS Receiver Mode for your SecureSync unit:

  1. Navigate to INTERFACES > REFERENCES: GNSS 0. The GNSS 0 Status panel will open.
  2. Click Edit in the bottom-left corner. The GNSS 0 configuration window will open:
  3. Select the desired Receiver Mode, and click Submit.

GNSS Receiver Modes

The receiver modes are: