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Performing a GNSS Receiver Survey

Note: This topic only applies to stationary applications – in Mobile receiver mode NO surveys will be carried out since the position is updated continuously.

When SecureSync's integrated GNSS receiver performs a survey, it tries to determine or verify its geographic position with high accuracy. An accurate geographic position is required to calculate a precise system time from the GNSS reference.

During a GNSS survey, the position will be iteratively recalculated while gradually increasing the position accuracy. A survey can take up to 33 minutes, but typically SecureSync will synchronize earlier, i.e. offer a valid Time and 1PPS reference, once it has obtained a sufficiently accurate preliminary position.

Note: If a system has been moved, in Standard receiver mode and Land Dynamics, receivers will automatically re-survey on reboot. In Standard mode and Stationary Dynamics, the unit will survey only once, and will not re-survey on reboot.