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Issuing the HALT Command Before Removing Power

Gracefully shutting down SecureSync by using the HALT command offers the following advantages over shutting the unit down via the AC ON/OFF switch (see Unit Rear Panel), or otherwise interrupting the AC or DC supply power:

  • The shutdown process will be logged
  • The System Clock will update the Real Time Clock with the latest System Time.
  • SecureSync's file system will be synchronized, which under some circumstances will allow for faster startup next time the unit will be powered up again.

The HALT command may be issued to the SecureSync via:

  • the Web UI
  • the front panel keypad
  • the front panel serial port.

Note: Wait 30 seconds after entering the HALT command before removing power.

Once the HALT process has been initiated via the Web UI or front panel, the front panel LCD will display Power off SecureSync, and the front panel LED time display will stop incrementing.