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LDAP Authentication

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) authentication provides the means to use an external LDAP server to authenticate the user account credentials when logging in to SecureSync. LDAP allows the login password for user-created accounts to be stored and maintained in a central LDAP or server on the network. This function greatly simplifies password management. Instead of having to change the password in many network appliances when a password needs to be changed, if a user password is changed in the LDAP server, it automatically changes the login password for all of the appliances that are using the LDAP server to authenticate a user login.

In order to use the LDAP authentication capability of SecureSync, it needs to first be configured with the appropriate settings in order to be able to communicate with the LDAP server(s) on the network.

Caution: If you plan on using LDAP, configure it with diligence. If not required, Spectracom recommends to keep LDAP disabled.

Note: Next to the instructions below, this Technical Note contains additional detailed information about LDAP Authentication.