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Accessing the Web UI

SecureSync's web user interface ("Web UI") is the recommended means to interact with the unit, since it provides access to nearly all configurable settings, and to obtain comprehensive status information without having to use the Command Line Interpreter (CLI).

You can access the Web UI either by using the automatically assigned DHCP IP address, or by using a manually set static IP address (see Assigning a Static IP Address):

  1. On a computer connected to the SecureSync network, start a web browser, and enter the IP address shown on the SecureSync front panel.
  2. When first connecting to the Web UI, a warning about security certificates may be displayed:

    Select Continue....

    Note: "Cookies" must be enabled. You will be notified if Cookies are disabled in your browser.

    Note: HTTPS only: Depending on your browser, the certificate/security pop-up window may continue to be displayed each time you open the Web UI until you saved the certificate in your browser.

    Note: Static IP address only: To prevent the security pop-up window from opening each time, a new SSL Certificate needs to be created using the assigned IP address of SecureSync during the certificate generation. See HTTPS for more information on creating a new SSL certificate.

  3. Log into the Web UI as an administrator. The factory-default administrator user name and password are:
  4. Username: spadmin

    Password: admin123

    Caution: For security reasons, it is advisable to change the default credentials, see: Managing Passwords.

  5. Upon initial login, you will be asked to register your product. Spectracom recommends to register SecureSync, so as to receive software updates and services notices. See also Product Registration.

To continue with the configuration, see e.g., The Web UI HOME Screen.

To learn more about setting up different types of user accounts, see Managing User Accounts.