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Using DC Input Power

If the rear panel DC port is present, connect DC power, per the voltage and current as called out on the label that resides above the DC power connector.

Note: DC power is an option chosen at time of purchase. The rear panel DC input port connector is only installed if the DC input option is available. Different DC power input options are available (12 VDC with a voltage range of 12 to 17 V at 7 A maximum or 24/48 VDC input with a voltage range of 21 to 60 V at 3 A maximum). Review the DC power requirement chosen, prior to connecting DC power (when the DC port is installed, a label will be placed over the connector indicating the allowable DC input voltage range and the required current).

DANGER! GROUNDING: SecureSync is earth grounded through the DC power connector. Ensure that the unit is connected to a DC power source that is connected to earth ground via the grounding pin C of the SecureSync DC power plug supplied in the ancillary kit.

Caution: The DC input port is both fuse and reverse polarity protected. Reversing polarity with the 24/48 VDC option will not blow the fuse, but the equipment will not power-up. Reversing polarity with the 12 VDC option will likely blow the internal fuse.

A DC power connector to attach DC power to SecureSync is included in the ancillary kit provided with the equipment. A cable of 6 feet or less, using 16AWG wire, with adequate insulation for the DC voltage source should be used with this connector. The cable clamp provided with the DC power plug for strain relief of the DC power input cable should be used when DC power is connected to SecureSync.

Note: Spectracom recommends to use a dedicated DC power supply switch to energize/de-energize SecureSync externally.

DC power connector pin-out

SecureSync units can be ordered in a DC version that includes the following DC plug on the back panel: DC Plug, 3-pin, chassis mount: Amphenol P/N DL3102A10SL-3P

The DC ancillary kit includes, among other things, the following connector parts:

  • Mating DC Connector, circular, 3-pin, solder socket, 16AWG,13A,300V: Amphenol P/N DL3106A10SL-3S; (Spectracom part no. P240R-0032-002F)
  • Cable Clamp, circular: Amphenol part no. 97-3057-1004(621); (Spectracom part no. Spectracom part no. MP06R-0004-0001)