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Setting up a Static IP Address via Ethernet Cable

This procedure will allow you to configure SecureSync using the Web UI directly via the Ethernet port, if for some reason you prefer not to (or cannot) use a DHCP network.

  1. First, disable DHCP using the front panel keypad and information display:
    1. Press the ü key.
    2. Using the arrow key, select Netv4 from the menu.

      (To select a menu item, highlight it using the arrow keys, then press the ü key.)

    3. Select the Ethernet interface for which DHCP is to be disabled, such as eth0.
    4. Select DHCP from the next menu. The display will show State=Enabled and Action=Disabled.

      (The State is the current DHCP setting and the Action is the action to take. You can only change the Action setting.)

    5. Press the ü key once to select the action, then again to apply it.
  2. The front panel will now display the default static IP address
  3. Change the workstation IP address to be on the same network as SecureSync.
  4. Connect workstation and SecureSync with an Ethernet cable.
  5. Note: You may use an Ethernet crossover cable, but you do not have to.

The remainder of the configuration settings will be performed via the Web UI (accessed via an external workstation with a web browser such as Firefox® or Chrome®). For more information, see The Web UI HOME Screen.