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Powering Up the Unit

  1. After installing your SecureSync unit, and connecting all references and network(s), verify that power is connected, then turn ON the unit using the switch on the rear panel (only if equipped with AC power input), and wait for the device to boot up.
  2. Note: DC input power is not switched, so SecureSync will be powered up with DC input connected, unless you installed an external power switch.

  3. Observe that all of the front panel LEDs momentarily illuminate (the Power LED will then stay lit) and that the Information display LCD back light illuminates. The fan may or may not run, depending on the model year of your SecureSync unit. For more information, see Temperature Management.

    The time display will reset and then start incrementing the time. About 10 seconds after power-up, “Starting up SecureSync” will be displayed in the information display. After approximately 2 minutes, the information display will then show the current network settings.

    By default, the 4-line information display shows the unit’s hostname, IPv4 address, mask, and gateway.
    The time display shows the current time: UTC (default), TAI, GPS or local timescale, as configured.

  4. SecureSync front panel

  5. Check the front panel status LED indicators:
    • The Power lamp should be solid green.
    • The Sync lamp will probably be red, since synchronization has not yet been achieved.
    • The Fault lamp will be OFF, or solid orange, indicating a minor alarm, or solid red, asserting a power-up frequency error alarm (until the disciplining state is reached.)

For additional information, see Status LEDs and Status Monitoring via Front Panel.