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Option Cards

Option Cards are circuit boards that can be installed into a SecureSync unit in order to add input and output functionality. Installation is normally done in the factory when the unit is built. Many cards, however, can be retrofitted in the field by qualified customer personnel (see Option Card Field Installation Instructions).

Caution: NEVER install an option card from the back of the unit, ALWAYS from the top. It is therefore necessary to remove the top cover of the main chassis (housing).

Input and outputs can be categorized by:

  • Communication direction:
    • Input
    • Output
  • Signal type:
    • Frequency: 1/5/10/[programmable] MHz
    • Wave form (square, sinus)
    • 1PPS
    • TTS
    • CTCSS
  • Signal protocol:
    • ASCII time code
    • IRIG
    • STANAG
    • Have Quick
    • E1/T1 data
    • Telecom timing, etc.
    • Ethernet (NTP, PTP)
    • Time code I/O
    • Alarm out, etc.
  • Functionality:
    • Networking card (incl. NTP, PTP)
    • Time code I/O
    • Alarm output
    • Special functionality e.g., revertive selector, bidirectional communication
  • Connector type:
    • BNC
    • DB-9/25
    • Terminal block
    • RJ-12/45
    • SFP
    • ST fiber optic

To visually identify an option card installed in your unit, or to obtain an overview which option cards are available for SecureSync, see Option Cards Overview.

To obtain detailed information on a specific option card, using its ID number, see Option Card Identification.

To locate option card topics in this manual by their heading or functionality, see Option Cards. This Chapter also includes information on field installation and Web UI functionality.

To visually identify a connector type, see Option Card Connectors.