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Software Updates

Spectracom periodically releases new versions of software for SecureSync. These updates1The terms update and upgrade are both used throughout Spectracom technical literature, as software releases may include fixes and enhancements, as well as new features. are offered for free and made available for download from the Spectracom website. If you register your product, you will be notified of software updates.

To download a software update for your SecureSync as it becomes available, click here.

This web page also offers detailed instructions on how to perform a software update.

General Notes:

SecureSync will save system configurations across upgrades but will not save other information. In particular, update files may not be retained after a successful update.

All system elements will be forced to the versions in the update file, and all configuration information will be erased as part of the update. See Backing-up and Restoring Configuration Files for details.

To “roll back” system elements to an earlier version, select the older Update File in the Choose File pull-down, select both Update System and Force Update, and click Update. All system elements will be “forced” to the version in the update file.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Note: These instructions apply to updates to recent software. Updates to software versions older than 5.0.x may require additional steps. These will be covered in the Software Update Instructions documents, which can be found under the above-mentioned link.

  1. In the Web UI, under Tools > Upgrade/Backup, determine the System software version and the type of GNSS receiver. Proceed if your existing software is V5.1.5 or higher, AND you have a RES-SMT GG receiver.
    (Otherwise, consult the above-mentioned instructions for updating SecureSync software.)
  2. Free up disk space, if needed: (This is also described in more detail in this Knowledge Base article: Freeing Up Disk Space Before a Software Update.)
    Under Tools > Upgrade/Backup > Disk Status, check Percent Used: If the number is greater than 70%, free up disk space.

    Note: If required, existing logs can be archived; for details consult the above-mentioned instructions for updating SecureSync software.)

    To free up disk space:

    1. Delete old log files: Tools > Upgrade/Backup > Disk Status > Clear All Logs.
    2. Delete old statistics files: [~] > Clear All Stats.
    3. Delete previous Upgrade files: Tools > Upgrade/Backup > Actions > Update System > Delete Upgrade File(s). Note that Delete Upgrade File and Update System cannot be selected at the same time.
  3. Download the upgrade software bundle onto your PC.
  4. Check if you have any of the following option cards installed:
    • Simulcast (Model 1204-14)
    • PTP (Model 1204-12)
    • Gigabit Ethernet (Model 1204-06)

    If this is the case, see above-mentioned instructions for updating SecureSync software (unless this has been addressed at an earlier update).

  5. Perform the actual upgrade by navigating to TOOLS > Upgrade/Backup > Actions: Update System File: Upload the upgrade software bundle previously downloaded onto your PC (updateXYZ.tar.gz), and carry out the upgrade, as instructed.
  6. Verify that the upgrade was successful: Tools > Upgrade/Backup, confirm the new SW version.

Note: In case the update failed, seeTroubleshooting Software Update for additional information.