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Status Monitoring via the Web UI

While the SecureSync front panel status LEDs provide an indication of the current operating status of the system (see Status Monitoring via Front Panel), more detailed status information can be accessed via the SecureSync Web UI, such as:

  • Time synchronization status, including references
  • GNSS satellites currently being tracked
  • NTP sync status and current Stratum level
  • Estimated time errors
  • Oscillator disciplining
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Status of outputs and presence of DC input power.

The HOME screen provides time server status information, while the TOOLS > System Monitor screen also displays hardware status data, e.g. temperature curves:

Status Monitoring via the HOME Screen

The HOME screen of the SecureSync Web UI provides a system status overview (see also The Web UI HOME Screen).

The HOME screen is divided into four panels:

Note: If you know the individual reference or output whose status you wish to see, you can access the Status window of that reference or output directly through the INTERFACES > REFERENCES or INTERFACES > OUTPUTS drop-down menu.

Status Monitoring via the System Monitor Screen

To display status information pertaining mainly to SecureSync's current hardware status, navigate to TOOLS > SYSTEM > System Monitor.

The information provided on the System Monitor Screen is subdivided into three panels: