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What is TimeKeeper?

FSMLabs' TimeKeeper™1TimeKeeper is a registered Trademark by FSMLabs, Inc. is an optional software module that seamlessly integrates into the SecureSync platform, utilizing its available system components.

FSMLabs' TimeKeeper software simultaneously performs the function of an NTP Server and a PTP Master. In the absence of other references, it can synchronize to external NTP Servers, or/and PTP Masters. It also has enhanced monitoring features to help manage your network synchronization architectures.

More information on TimeKeeper Client Software can be found under FSMLab's TimeKeeper documentation.

FSMLabs' TimeKeeper Software is licensed under the Software End User License Agreement, see

What can TimeKeeper do for me?

TimeKeeper supports NTP, and IEEE 1588 PTPv1/v2. A user interface integrated into the SecureSync Web UI allows for enhanced status and timing quality monitoring, as well as a map of the timing network, displaying all the time sources detected.

If your SecureSync has a valid synchronization reference, TimeKeeper will operate as a Stratum 1 server, using SecureSync's system time. No configuration is required for NTP. One or more instances of a PTP master can be configured.

In the event SecureSync loses its synchronization to a high-quality reference, TimeKeeper will continue to act as a time server/master during the Holdover period plus 180 seconds, and then look to synchronize for a suitable reference source on its network, qualifying one of the configured NTP servers or PTP masters to become the system's reference, if network time ("NTP") is configured accordingly in the reference priority table.

TimeKeeper does not require additional hardware, i.e. option cards, because it can operate using the built-in 10/100 Mb network interface. If installed, however, TimeKeeper will utilize the 3 additional 10/100/1000 ports offered by the 1204-06 multi-port option card (ETH1 and ETH2 can be used for hardware time stamping). Any of these ports can be configured for multiple PTP masters and slaves, and NTP sources, simultaneously.

Using TimeKeeper – First Steps

TimeKeeper comes pre-installed with SecureSync System Software, Version 5.2.0 and higher.

In order to utilize the TimeKeeper functionality, a License file has to be purchased from Spectracom.

Getting started with TimeKeeper:

  1. If the TimeKeeper license has been purchased separately, activate TimeKeeper by applying the License file—see Applying a License File. (You can skip this step, if the license was purchased with the SecureSync unit: In this case the License file will be installed in the factory.)
  2. Enable TimeKeeper—see En-/Disabling TimeKeeper.
  3. Configure TimeKeeper, see Configuring a TimeKeeper PTP Master, Configuring TimeKeeper PTP Slaves, and/or Configuring TimeKeeper as an NTP Time Server.