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En-/Disabling TimeKeeper

There are two ways to enable/disable TimeKeeper:


  1. In the Primary Navigation menu, click on MONITORING.
  2. In the panel TimeKeeper Service, select ON (or OFF, respectively).
  1. A pop-up message will briefly appear, indicating that TimeKeeper has been enabled or disabled.


  1. Under MANAGEMENT > PTP Setup, in the panel PTP Service, select ON (or OFF, respectively).
    (Note that TimeKeeper can be enabled only by using the PTP Service switch, NOT the NTP switch.)
  2. Note: Once TimeKeeper has been enabled, the Spectracom NTPd service will be replaced by the TimeKeeper NTP service, and vice versa.

    After disabling TimeKeeper, the Spectracom NTP Service must be manually enabled again (MANAGEMENT > NTP Setup: In the panel NTP Services, slide NTP to: ON).

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