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Status Monitoring with TimeKeeper

Enabling Status Monitoring

To display the TimeKeeper Status Monitoring functionality located on the right side of the Primary Navigation menu under the MONITORING tab, for security reasons you have to navigate over a secure http connection (https), see illustration below.

This login procedure must be carried out every time the browser is re-started.

Enabling TimeKeeper Status Monitoring via https

Once the status monitoring functionality has been enabled, it can be accessed via the MONITORING button in the Main Navigation bar.

The TimeKeeper monitoring interface has three tabs: Status, Timing Quality, and Time Map:

TKL "Status" Tab

The Status tab provides information on the source currently tracked, as well as TimeKeeper system data, and system tracking information.

TimeKeeper Status tab

TKL "Timing Quality" Tab

The Timing Quality tab offers detailed information on the quality of NTP and PTP sources, such as timing offsets and delays.

TimeKeeper Timing Quality tab

TKL "Time Map" Tab

Under the Time Map tab, TimeKeeper TKL visualizes the structure of the timing network environment, including all time sources, and other clients found on the network. Particularly with complex networks, this visualization tool can be of assistance when it comes to identifying architectural or accuracy problems.

TimeKeeper Time Map tab

The connecting lines are color-coded:

  • Red: NTP
  • Green: PTP
  • Blue: direct

Drag any node or time source with your computer mouse to adjust the graph.

Use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see additional features, such as static display and hiding labels.