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[11]: Verifying HW Detection and SW Update

Complete the Option Card installation procedure by verifying that SecureSync detected the card, and by updating the system software:

  1. Re-install the top cover of the unit chassis (housing), using the saved screws.

    Caution: Ensure that screw holes on the card are properly lined up and secured to the chassis before powering the unit up, otherwise damage to the equipment may result.

  2. Power on the unit.
  3. Verify the successful installation by ensuring the card has been detected:

SecureSync Web UI, ≤ Version 4.x

Open a web browser, and login to the SecureSync Web UI. Navigate to the STATUS/INPUTS and/or STATUS/OUTPUTS pages. Information displayed on these pages will vary depending upon your option module card/SecureSync configuration (for example, the Multi-Gigabit Ethernet option module card has both input and output functionality, and so is displayed in both pages).

Note: If after an installation the card does not appear to be properly identified, it may be necessary to update the SecureSync system software to the latest available version.

Example STATUS/INPUTS page – SecureSync Web UI

Example STATUS/OUTPUTS page – SecureSync Web user interface

SecureSync Web UI, ≥ Version 5.0

Open a web browser, log in to the SecureSync Web UI, and navigate to INTERFACES > OPTION CARDS: The new card will be displayed in the list.

  • If the card does not appear to be properly identified, proceed with the Software update as described below, and then navigate to INTERFACES > OPTION CARDS again to confirm the card has been detected.
  • If the card has been detected properly, proceed with the Software update as described below to ensure SecureSync and the newly installed card are using the same, latest available version.

Updating the System Software

Even if the newly installed option card has been detected, and even if the latest System Software version is installed on your SecureSync unit, you must (re-)install the software to ensure both SecureSync, and the option card are using the latest software:

  • Follow the System Software update procedure, as outlined under Software Updates.

NEXT: Restore your reference priority configuration, as described in the following topic, and configure other option card-specific settings, as described in the main User Manual.