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[1]: Unpacking

On receipt of materials, unpack and inspect the contents and accessories (retain all original packaging for use in return shipments, if necessary).

The following additional items are included with the ancillary kit for the field installation of option card(s). Some of the parts listed below will be required for the installation (depending upon option card model, and installation location).

Parts list, Ancillary Kit [1204-0000-0700]

Item Quant. Part Number
50-pin ribbon cable 1 CA20R-R200-0R21
Washer, flat, alum., #4,  .125 thick 2 H032-0440-0002
Screw, M3-5, 18-8SS, 4 mm, thread lock 5 HM11R-03R5-0004
Standoff, M3 x 18 mm, hex, M-F, Zinc-pl. brass 2 HM50R-03R5-0018
Standoff, M3 x 12 mm, hex, M-F, Zinc-pl. brass 1 HM50R-03R5-0012
Cable tie 2 MP00000

In addition to the parts supplied with your option card ancillary kit, you will need a #1 Philips head screwdriver, a cable tie clipper, and a 6mm hex wrench.