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[6]: Top Slot Installation, Bottom Slot Occupied

Instructions for installing an option card into an upper slot (2, 4, or 6), above a populated bottom slot:

  1. Safely power down the SecureSync unit, and remove the top cover of the main chassis (housing). Save the screws.
  2. Caution: NEVER install an option card from the rear of the unit, ALWAYS from the top, after removing the chassis cover.

  3. Remove the blank option card plate, or the existing option card. Save the screws.
  4. Remove screws securing the card already populating the bottom slot. Save the screws.
  5. Screw the 18-mm standoffs into the option card populating the bottom slot (see Figure below) , applying a torque of 0.9 Nm/8.9 in-lbs.
  6. Bottom card with standoffs installed

  7. Insert option card into the slot above the existing card, lining up the screw holes with the standoffs.
  8. Using the supplied M3 screws, screw the board into the standoffs, and the option plate into the chassis, applying a torque of 0.9 Nm/8.9 in-lbs.
  9. Take the supplied 50-pin ribbon cable and carefully press it into the connector on the mainboard (lining up the red sided end of the cable with PIN 1 on the mainboard), then into the connector on the option card (see Figure below).

  10. Ribbon cable installation

    Caution: Ensure that the ribbon cable is aligned and fastened properly to all pins on the connector of the card. Otherwise, damage to equipment may result during power up.