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[7]: Frequency Output Cards: Wiring

Additional installation instructions for the following option card models:

  • Frequency Output cards:
    • 1MHz (PN 1204-26)
    • 5MHz (PN 1204-08)
    • 10 MHz (PN 1204-0C)
    • 10 MHz (PN 1204-1C)

For the cable installation, follow the steps detailed below:

  1. Install the coax cable(s) onto the main PCB, connecting them to the first available open connectors, from J1… J4. See figure below:
  2. J Connectors

    Note: For 10 MHz option cards with 3 coax cables:  From the rear of the option card, outputs are labeled J1, J2, J3. Start by connecting the cable attached to J1 on the card to the first available open connector on the SecureSync mainboard, then connect the cable attached to J2, then J3, etc.

  3. Using the supplied cable ties, secure the coax cable from the option card to the white nylon cable tie holders fastened to the mainboard.