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Configuring Option Card Inputs/Outputs

The configurable settings of any SecureSync input or output interface are accessible through the Edit window of the option card to which the input or output belongs. The Edit window can be accessed in several ways; the procedure below describes the standard way:

  1. Identify the name of the card, (e.g., PPS OUT, 4-BNC), and verify the name of the input or output you want to configure (e.g., PPS Output 1).
  2. Note: If you have only one input or output of any type, SecureSync will number that input or output 0. Additional inputs or outputs will be numbered 1 or above.

  3. Navigate to the INTERFACES > OPTION CARDS drop-down menu, and click the list entry of the option card identified above. The option card’s Status Summary panel opens:
  4. Click on the GEAR button next to the input or output you wish to configure (as verified in Step 1 of this procedure). The Edit window of the input or output opens:
  5. Information about the configurable settings can be found in the corresponding option card section, see Option cards listed by their ID number.