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General Network Settings

To expedite network setup, SecureSync provides the General Settings window, allowing quick access to the primary network settings.

To access the General Settings window:

  1. Navigate to MANAGEMENT > Network Setup. In the Actions Panel on the left, click General Settings.
  2. Populate the fields:
    • Hostname: This is the server’s identity on the network or IP address. The default is Spectracom.
    • Default Gateway IPv6: The gateway (default router) address is needed if communication to the SecureSync is made outside of the local network. By default, the gateway is disabled in the format “####:####” where each ‘#’ is a hexadecimal value. When a DHCP server is not requested or is requested but not available and DHCP IPv6 is enabled, the server will use this Default Gateway.
    • Default Port: Unless you specify a specific Port to be used as Default Port, the factory default port eth0 will be used as the gateway (default gateway).
  3. The General Settings window also displays the IPv4 Address and default IPv4 Gateway.