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Uploading an HTTPS Certificate File

Once the HTTPS Certificate has been issued by your Certificate Authority, you have to upload the Certificate file to SecureSync, unless it is a X.509 PEM-format Certificate: In this case you may also upload the pasted Certificate text directly, see Uploading an X.509 PEM Certificate Text.

Note: For more information about Certificate formats, see Supported Certificate Formats.

To upload an HTTPS certificate file to SecureSync:

  1. Store the Public Keys File provided to you by the Certificate Authority in a location accessible from the computer on which you are running the Web UI.
  2. In the Web UI, navigate to MANAGEMENT > NETWORK: HTTPS Setup.
  3. Select the tab Upload Certificate File.
  4. Choose the Certificate Type for the HTTPS Certificate supplied by the Certificate Authority from the Certification Type drop-down menu:
    • PEM
    • DER
    • PKCS #7 PEM
    • PKCS #7 DER
  5. Click the Browse… button and locate the Public Keys File provided by the Certificate Authority in its location where you stored it in step 1.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Note: SecureSync will automatically format the Certificate into the X.509 PEM format.

Certificate Chain

It is possible to upload a X.509PEM Certificate Chain file. Note that there should be no character between the Certificate texts.