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Mounting the Unit

SecureSync units can be operated on a desktop or in a rack in a horizontal, right-side-up position. The location needs to be well-ventilated, clean and accessible.

Rack Mounting

If installing the unit in a rack, install the rack-mount ears on the two sides of the front panel and mount the unit in a standard 19-inch rack cabinet. The unit is intended to be installed in one orientation only. The unit should be mounted so the front panel interface keys are to the left of the display area.

The SecureSync unit will install into any EIA standard 19-inch rack. SecureSync occupies one rack unit of space for installation, however, it is recommended to leave empty space of at least one rack unit above and below the SecureSync unit to allow for best ventilation.

Rack mounting requirements:

  • The maximum ambient operating temperature must be observed. See Mechanical and Environmental Specifications for the operating temperature range specified for the type of oscillator installed in your SecureSync unit.
  • If the SecureSync unit is to be installed in a closed rack, or a rack with large amounts of other equipment, a rack cooling fan or fans should be part of the rack mount installation.
  • Installation of the unit in a rack should be such that the amount of air flow required for safe operation of the equipment is not compromised.
  • Follow the mounting directions described below to prevent uneven mechanical loading, possibly resulting in a hazardous condition.
  • Do not overload power supply circuits. Use only supply circuits with adequate overload protection. For power requirements, see Input Power.
  • Reliable grounding of rack-mounted equipment must be maintained. Particular attention must be given to supply connections other than direct connections to the branch circuit (e.g., use of power strips).

The SecureSyncancillary kit contains the following parts needed for rack mounting:

  • 2 each 1165-1000-0714 rack mounting brackets
  • 2 each MP09-0003-0030 equipment rack handles
  • 4 each H020-0832-0406 #8-32 flat head Phillips screws
  • 6 each HM20R-04R7-0010 M4 flat head Phillips screws

The following customer supplied items are also needed:

  • 4 each #10-32 pan head rack mount screws
  • 1 each #2 Phillips head screwdriver
  • 1 each 3/32" straight screwdriver

To rack mount the SecureSync unit:

  1. Attach an MP09-0003-0030 equipment rack handle to the front of each 1165-1000-0714 rack mounting bracket, using the holes nearest the right angle bend of the 1165-1000-0714 rack mounting bracket, with the #2 size Phillips screwdriver, using 2 each of the H020-0832-0406 #8-32 flat head Phillips screws.
  2. Attach the 1165-1000-0714 rack mount brackets to the sides of the SecureSync with the rack mounts ears facing outward, aligned with the front edge of the SecureSync front panel. Use the #2 Phillips screwdrivers, using 3 each of the HM20R-04R7-0010 M4 flat head Phillips screws.
  3. Secure the rack mount brackets to the rack using the #10-32 rack mount screws and #2 Phillips head screwdriver, 2 each per side of the rack. 

Caution: For safety reasons the SecureSync unit is intended to be operated in a HORIZONTAL POSITION, RIGHT-SIDE-UP, that is with the keypad to the left side and the 4-line information display and the time display on the right side.