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The Outputs Screen

SecureSync outputs deliver a time or frequency signal to a device that consumes this signal.

To access the Outputs screen in the Web UI:

  1. Navigate to INTERFACES and click on OUTPUTS (white on orange).
  2. The Outputs screen will display.
  3. While System Status and logged Events are displayed on the left, the Outputs panel on the right lists all the outputs detected.

    • If you hover with your mouse pointer over any of the connectors shown in the rear panel illustration, a tooltip will be displayed, indicating the type of output..
    • If you have only one output of any type, SecureSync will number that output 0. Additional outputs will be numbered 1 or above.
    • If you click the INFO button next to an output, a Status window will open.
    • If you click the GEAR button next to an output, the Configuration window will open.