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Setting GNSS Receiver Dynamics

Receiver Dynamics further refine the reception characteristics for the individual receiver modes and determine if the receiver will automatically resurvey after a reboot.

Note: This option only applies to u-blox M8T receivers and Trimble Res-T receivers (RES-SMT-GG and SAASM GPS do NOT support this.)

Caution: If you select a setting that does NOT resurvey, and subsequently relocate your unit (antenna) by more than 100 m, u-blox M8T and Trimble Res-T receivers will NOT detect the new position, and hence provide an incorrect time.

For more information about the GNSS Survey, see Performing a GNSS Receiver Survey.

For more information on Receiver Modes, see Selecting a GNSS Receiver Mode.

The following table illustrates the interdependence between Receiver Dynamics, Receiver Mode (see Selecting a GNSS Receiver Mode) and receiver type:

Receiver dynamics, ~modes, ~ dynamics, ~ types

Receiver Mode Receiver Dynamics
Sea Air Stationary
(No Resurvey)
Single Satellite irrelevant irrelevant irrelevant irrelevant
Mobile (with u-blox receivers)
Mobile (with Trimble receivers)
(not recommended)


  • Trimble Res-T and Res-SMT-GG receivers will report Land dynamics during a survey until the survey is complete. Then the dynamics becomes Stationary. This also indicates that the receiver has completed the survey.
  • The u-blox M8T receiver now uses Land to indicate it will RESURVEY on reboot, and Stationary to indicate it will not resurvey after reboot.