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System Time

The time that SecureSync maintains is referred to as the System Time. The System Time is used to supply time to all of the available time-of-day outputs (such as the front panel LED display, NTP time stamps, time stamps in the log entries, ASCII data outputs, etc.).

By default, the System Time is synchronized to SecureSync’s input references (such as GNSS, IRIG, ASCII data, NTP, PTP, etc.).

If a UTC-based time is not required, however, it is also possible to manually set the System Time to a desired time/date, or to use the unit's battery backed time (Real Time Clock) as System Time (with an external 1PPS reference).

The flow chart below illustrates how SecureSync obtains the highest available and valid reference, depending on whether an external source is chosen as reference, or an internal (User[x], or Local System).

How the System Time is derived

Note: User hand-set times can only be set in UTC (not Local time).