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Oscillator Types

SecureSync units are available with different types of internal oscillators:

  • TCXO (Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator)
  • one of two different types of OCXO (Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator) oscillators, or
  • one of two different types of Rb (Rubidium) oscillators.

The two different types of OCXO oscillators are a precision OCXO oscillator and a high-precision (low phase noise) OCXO oscillator. The two different types of Rubidium oscillators are a precision Rubidium oscillator and a low-phase noise Rubidium oscillator. All of these internal oscillators are self-calibrating and can be disciplined to a 1PPS input reference for maximum accuracy.

To determine which oscillator is installed in your SecureSync unit, navigate to MANAGEMENT > OTHER: Disciplining. The first entry in the Status panel on the left indicates the type of oscillator:

Because of its high degree of stability, the Rubidium oscillator provides the greatest ability to extend the hold-over period when input references are not present. Extending the hold-over period allows the unit to provide very accurate and useable time stamps and a 10 MHz output for a longer period of time once time synchronization has been lost.

Note: Oscillators are installed at the factory, in accordance with order specifications; an oscillator cannot be swapped/retrofitted later in the product life cycle (with the exception of repairs).

The Rubidium oscillator is atomic in nature but requires no MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

For additional information on oscillator accuracies, see 10 MHz Output.

Note: External Oscillator: It is possible for an external oscillator to be locked to SecureSync's 10 MHz output via an external PLL, with the lock state of the external PLL monitored by SecureSync. Contact Spectracom for more information.