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Configuring a TimeKeeper PTP Master

TimeKeeper is configured in the SecureSync Web UI, under MANAGEMENT > PTP Setup.

When setting up a PTP Master via TimeKeeper, the configured SecureSync interface (e.g., ETH0), detectable to the PTP network via its IP address, will send out synchronization packets under the PTP protocol.

You can setup several PTP Masters, e.g. for different interfaces (if so equipped), or to serve different domains, or one for each PTP Version.

The following three procedures explain how to configure a PTP Master:

  • Procedure a): ADDING a PTP Master
  • Procedure b): EDITING a PTP Master
  • Procedure c): DELETING a PTP Master

Next, you may want to configure TimeKeeper PTP Slaves, see Configuring TimeKeeper PTP Slaves.