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Configuring TimeKeeper PTP Slaves

TimeKeeper is configured in the SecureSync Web UI, under MANAGEMENT > PTP Setup.

PTP Slaves are used in a network to listen for synchronization packets from PTP Masters, and send out synchronization requests, as well as follow ups. The timing information from PTP masters are used by the system as a synchronization source if NTP is an entry in the reference priority table (it is by default), and no other reference set as a higher priority is available for synchronization. No configuration is required other than setting up PTP Slaves.


To configure a PTP Slave under TimeKeeper, follow the corresponding procedure described below:

  • Procedure a): ADDING a PTP Slave
  • Procedure b): EDITING a PTP Slave
  • Procedure c): DELETING a PTP Slave

The Source number in the header of the ADD (EDIT) window:

The Source number shown is a result of TimeKeeper keeping track of time sources. The different sources are ranked in the TimeKeeper configuration file (see illustration below). For more information, see FSMLab's TimeKeeper documentation.