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Has TimeKeeper been activated?

FSMLabs' TimeKeeper module comes pre-installed with every SecureSync System Software Versions 5.2.0 or higher.

The TimeKeeper license must be activated by applying a License File, which can be purchased from Spectracom, either at the time when a SecureSync unit is ordered, or later. For more information, see Applying a License File.

To find out if the Timekeeper license on your SecureSync has been activated:

  1. In the Web UI, Select TOOLS > Upgrade/Backup.
  2. In the System Configuration Panel, check the bottom row, under Option:
    1. OPT-TKL TimeKeeper means that the TimeKeeper license has been activated, i.e. the license key has been purchased and applied.
    2. If there is no entry under Option, the TimeKeeper license has not been activated.

If a TimeKeeper License is installed, you will also notice that the right button in the Main Navigation bar is labeled MONITORING (not HELP), and under MANAGEMENT > NETWORK, there is a PTP Setup option available:

Next, make sure that TimeKeeper is turned ON: see En-/Disabling TimeKeeper.