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Configuring TimeKeeper as an NTP Time Server

Note: TimeKeeper does not support NTP peering, hence NTP servers are also referred to as NTP Sources.

Similar to the concept of PTP masters as an external reference, TimeKeeper allows external NTP servers to be used by the system as a synchronization source if NTP is an entry in the reference priority table (it is by default), and no other reference set as a higher priority is available for synchronization. No configuration is required other than setting up NTP Sources.

For more information on reference priorities, see Input Reference Priorities.

Note: When TimeKeeper is enabled, the standard NTPd service is replaced by the TimeKeeper network synchronization service.

There is no configuration required of TimeKeeper to respond to NTP client requests that arrive at any available network ports.

To add or edit an NTP server under TimeKeeper:

  1. Navigate to MANAGEMENT > NETWORK: NTP Setup.
  2. In the panel NTP Servers, click the GEAR icon in the top-right corner to open the EDIT or ADD window (the options will change, depending on your current NTP configuration).
  3. If requested (depending on your current NTP configuration), in the newly opened window click:
    • The PLUS icon to add a new server, or
    • The GEAR button next to an existing server, to edit it, or
    • The X-button to delete the server.
  4. Populate or edit the fields:
    • NTP Server: The IP address or DNS name of the NTP server.
    • NTP Sync Rate: The rate at which to make NTP requests; a sync rate of 0.5 causes TimeKeeper to query the NTP server every 2 seconds.
    • Low-Quality Source: Check this box to improve tracking of a low-quality source, such as NTPd.
    • DNS Re-Resolve: If checked, the source will periodically re-resolve the DNS name specified for the NTP source.