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The Time Management Screen

The Time Management screen is the point of entry for all System Time-related settings that are user-configurable.

To access the Time Management screen:

  1. Navigate to MANAGEMENT > OTHER: Time Management.
  1. The Time Management screen opens. It is divided into 4 panels:

System Time panel

The System Time panel displays the time scale and the year, and allows access to the Edit System Time window via the GEAR icon in the top-right corner. This window is used to select the time scale, and to manually set a user- time, if so required.

See System Time.

Offsets panel

The Timescales UTC, TAI, and the GPS-supplied time are offset by several seconds, e.g. to accommodate leap seconds. The GPS offset may change over time, and can be managed via the GEAR icon in the top-right corner of this panel.

Leap Second Info panel

From time to time, a leap second is applied to UTC, in order to adjust UTC to the actual position of the sun. Via the Leap Second Info panel, leap second corrections can be applied to SecureSync’s time keeping. It is also possible to enter the exact day and time when the leap second is to be applied, and to delete a leap second.

See also: Leap Seconds

Local Clocks panel

You can create multiple different Local Clocks, as needed. The names of all Local Clocks that have already been created are displayed in the Local Clocks panel.

See also Local Clock(s), DST.