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Timescale Offset(s)

Timescale offsets account for fixed differences between timescales, in seconds. Timescale offsets may change because of leap seconds, see Leap Seconds.

Configuring a Timescale Offset

To configure a timescale offset to the System Time:

  1. Navigate to MANAGEMENT > OTHER: Time Management.
  2. In the Offsets panel on the left, click the GEAR icon in the top-right corner.
  3. The Edit GPS Offset window will display. Enter the desired GPS Offset in seconds, and click Submit.
  4. Note: Since the GPS Offset and the TAI Offset have a fixed relationship, only the GPS Offset can be set. If only the TAI offset is known, subtract 19 from it, in order to obtain the GPS offset.

Note that the data stream of GPS and several other external references includes information about a pending Leap Second, and as such automatically corrects for a Leap Second. Nevertheless, it is advisable to perform some testing in advance to ensure all system components will adjust flawlessly. For more information, see Leap Seconds.