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The System Time can be configured to operate in one of several timescales, such as UTC, GPS and TAI (Temps Atomique International). These timescales are based on international time standards, and are offset from each other by varying numbers of seconds.

When configuring SecureSync, in most cases, UTC will be the desired timescale to select.

Note: UTC timescale is also referred to as “ZULU” time. GPS timescale is the raw GPS time as transmitted by the GNSS satellites (in 2018 the GPS time is currently 18 seconds ahead of UTC time. UTC timescale observes leap seconds while GPS timescale does not).

Note: The TAI timescale also does not observe leap seconds. The TAI timescale is fixed to always be 19 seconds ahead of GPS time. As of January, 2017 TAI time is 37 seconds ahead of UTC.

SecureSync's System timescale is configured via the MANAGEMENT > OTHER: Time Management screen, see System Time.