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Troubleshooting – Network PCs Cannot Sync

In order for clients on the network to be able to sync to SecureSync, several requirements must be met:

  1. The PC(s) must be routable to SecureSync. Make sure you can access SecureSync Web UI from a PC that is not syncing. If the PC cannot access the Web UI, a network issue likely exists. Verify the network configuration.
  2. The network clients have to be configured to synchronize to SecureSync's address. For additional information on syncing Windows PC's, see The last section of this document also contains troubleshooting assistance for Windows synchronization. For UNIX/Linux computer synchronization, please visit
  3. If at least one PC can sync to SecureSync, the issue is likely not with SecureSync itself. The only SecureSync configurations that can prevent certain PCs from syncing to the time server are the NTP Access table and MD5 authentication. See Configuring NTP Symmetric Keys. A network or PC issue likely exists. A firewall may be blocking Port 123 (NTP traffic), for example.
  4. NTP in SecureSync must be “in sync” and at a higher Stratum level than Stratum 15 (such as Stratum 1 or 2, for example). This requires SecureSync to be either synced to its input references or in Holdover mode. Verify the current NTP stratum level and the sync status.