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Troubleshooting the Front Panel Cooling Fan

The cooling fan (located on the front panel, to the right of the LED time display) is a temperature controlled cooling fan. Temperature sensor(s) determine when the cooling fan needs to turn on and off. It is normal operation for the cooling fan to not operate the entire time SecureSync is running. It may be turned off for long periods at a time, depending on the ambient and internal temperatures.

To verify the cooling fan is still operational, power cycle SecureSync unit (if AC and DC power are both applied, momentarily turn off the AC power switch and disconnect the DC power connector).

Note: If the internal temperature in the unit is below 30 degrees Celsius, the fan may not turn on as part of the power-up sequence. In this case, it is recommended to let the unit “warm up” for approximately 30 minutes, in order to allow the unit to get to the appropriate temperature.

See also: Temperature Management