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SecureSync Front Panel

The front panel of a SecureSync unit consists of:

  • three separate illuminated status LEDs
  • a front panel control keypad
  • an LED time display
  • an LCD information display
  • an RS-232 serial interface
  • and a temperature controlled cooling fan.

The LCD information display is configurable using the SecureSync web user interface (also referred to as the “Web UI”) or the front panel controls. Display options include status or position information, time, date, DOY (Day of Year), GNSS information, as well as network settings and SAASM key status (available with the SAASM GPS receiver option only). The RS-232 serial interface and the front panel controls provide a means of configuring the unit’s network settings and perform other functions without requiring access to the Web UI.

SecureSync units with the SAASM GPS receiver option module installed also have an encryption key fill connector and key zeroize switch on the left-hand side of the front panel.

SecureSync front panel layout (SAASM version)