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Unit Rear Panel

The SecureSync rear panel accommodates the connectors for all input and output references.

  • Optional AC connection for the power input
  • Optional DC power connector
  • Ethernet and USB connections
  • 1PPS output
  • 10 MHz output
  • Six bays for option cards
  • One optional antenna connector.

Standard rear panel

Typically, option cards will be installed at the factory. Should you purchase an extra option card at a later point, you will need to populate the next vacant slot, observing the numerical order shown above. However, not all cards can be installed in all slots. Your local Spectracom Sales Office will gladly assist you with the optimal option cards selection for your application.

The DC Power port connector is only installed if your unit was ordered with a DC input power option. Other optional input/output connectors depend on the installed option cards.

Note: DC input power does not have an ON/OFF switch.

  • The AC Power connector is the input for the AC power and provides an AC power ON/OFF switch. This connector assembly is only installed if SecureSync was ordered with AC input power option.
  • The Ethernet connector provides an interface to the network for NTP synchronization and to obtain access to the SecureSync product Web UI for system management. It has two small indicator lamps, “Good Link” (green LED), and “Activity” (orange LED). The “Good Link” light indicates a connection to the network is present. The “Activity” light will illuminate when network traffic is detected.
  • Ethernet status indicator lights

    LED State Meaning
    Orange On
    LAN Activity detected
    No LAN traffic detected
    Green On
    LAN Link established, 10 or 100 Mbps
    No link established

  • The USB connector is reserved for future expansion.
  • The 1PPS BNC connector offers a once-per-second square-wave output signal. The 1PPS signal can be configured to have either its rising or falling edge to coincide with the system’s on-time point.
  • The 10 MHz BNC connector provides a 10 MHz sine-wave output signal.
  • The optional ANTENNA connector is a type “N” connector for the GNSS input from your GNSS antenna via a coax cable. This connector will only be present if the standard GNSS receiver, or the optional SAASM GPS receiver module are installed.