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1PPS Output

Signal: One pulse-per-second square wave (ext. reference connected to GNSS receiver)

Signal level: TTL compatible, 4.3 V minimum, base-to-peak into 50 Ω

Pulse width: Configurable pulse width (200 ms by default)

Pulse width range: 20 ns to 900 ms

Rise time: <10 ns

Accuracy: Positive edge within ±50 ns of UTC when locked to a valid 1PPS input reference

Connector: BNC female

1PPS output accuracies

Oscillator Type Accuracy to UTC
(1 sigma locked to GPS)
Holdover (constant temp. after 2 weeks of GPS lock)
After 4 hours After 24 hours
Low-phase noise Rubidium ±25 ns 0.2 μs 1μs
Rubidium ±25 ns 0.2 μs 1μs
Low-phase noise OCXO ±25 ns 0.5 μs 10 μs
OCXO ±50 ns 1μs 25 μs
TCXO ±50 ns 12 μs 450 μs