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Type: T 2A L 250 V


  • Spectracom recommends: LITTELFUSE 0213002.MXP
  • [Spectracom part number: F010R-0002-000 E FUSE,2A,SB,IEC SURGE,GLASS]

Number: 2 (two) per unit


SecureSync label on rear panel of unit:

  • "AC POWER/F 2A T 250V (2)"
    • LEGEND:
      • F = Fuse
      • 2A = Current Rating: 2 Ampères
      • T = Speed: Time Delay (Slow-Blow)
      • L = Breaking Capacity: Low (Glass)
      • 250V = Voltage Rating
      • (2) = Fuses used: 2 (two)

Caution: Before testing fuses, remove AC power by disconnecting the AC power cord.

Note: In the event that the unit does not power up with AC power, these fuses should be tested.