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Protocols Supported

NTP: NTP Version 4 (Installed: Version 4.2.8p8). Provides MD5, Stratum 1 through 15 (RFC 5905). Note that NTP Autokey is currently not supported, for more information, see

NTP throughput: ETH0: 7000-7200 NTP requests per second; ETH1-ETH3 (1204-006-0600 Gigabit Ethernet option card 1-3): 8800-9000 NTP requests per second. For additional information, please contact Spectracom.

Clients supported: The number of users supported depends on the class of network and the subnet mask for the network. A gateway greatly increases the number of users.

TCP/IP application protocols for browser-based configuration and monitoring: HTTP, HTTPS

FTP/SFTP: For remote upload of system logs and (RFC 959)

Syslog: Provides remote log storage (RFCs 3164 and 5424)

SNMP: Supports v1, v2c, and v3

Telnet/SSH: For limited remote configuration

Security features: Up to 32-character password, Telnet Disable, FTP Disable, Secure SNMP, SNMP Disable, HTTPS/HTTP Disable, SCP, SSH, SFTP.

Authentication: LDAP v2 and v3, RADIUS, MD5 Passwords, NTP Autokey protocol.