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Option Card Identification

There are several ways to identify which option card(s) are installed in your SecureSync unit:

  1. Using the Web UI, navigate to the INTERFACES > OPTION CARDS drop-down menu, and compare the list displayed in your UI with the table Option cards identification.
  2. If you have physical access to your SecureSync unit, inspect its rear panel, and compare the 2-digit ID number printed in the lower left-hand corner on each option card with the table below.

Option Card Identification by ID/Part Number

If you are looking for information specific to a particular option card, the table below can help you find this information in this User Manual.

Note: * Every option card has a 2-digit identification (ID) number that can be found in the corner of its cover plate, and in the table below. The ID number is comprised of the two center digits of your option card's Spectracom Part Number: 1204-0180-0600.

Option Card ID number

The table lists all option cards available at the publication date of this documentation, sorted by their ID number. Locate the option card ID number on its cover plate, and follow the corresponding hyperlink in the right-hand column.

Option cards listed by their ID number

Card ID* Card Name Name in UI See ...
01 1PPS/freq input (TTL levels) module 1PPS/Frequency BNC 1PPS In/Out, 10 MHz In [1204-01, -03]
02 ASCII Time Code module (RS-232) ASCII Timecode RS-232 ASCII Time Code In/Out [1204-02, -04]
03 1PPS/freq input (RS-485 levels) module 1PPS/Frequency RS-485 1PPS In/Out, 10 MHz In [1204-01, -03]
04 ASCII Time Code module (RS-485) ASCII Timecode RS-485 ASCII Time Code In/Out [1204-02, -04]
05 IRIG module, BNC (1 input, 2 outputs) IRIG In/Out BNC IRIG In/Out [1204-05, -27]
06 Gigabit Ethernet module (3 ports) Gb Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet [1204-06]
08 5 MHz output module (3 outputs) 5 MHz Out Frequency Out [1204-08, -1C, -26, -38]
09 T1-1.544 (75 Ω) or E1-2.048 (75 Ω) module E1/T1 Out BNC T1/E1 Out [1204-09, -0A]
0A T1-1.544 (100 Ω) or E1-2.048 (120 Ω) module E1/T1 Out Terminal T1/E1 Out [1204-09, -0A]
0B Bidirectional Communication module RS-485 Comm Bi-Directional Communication, RS-485 [1204-0B]
0F Alarm module Relay Output Alarm Relay Out [1204-0F]
10 HaveQuick output module (TTL) HAVE QUICK Out, BNC HAVE QUICK Out [1204-10, -1B]
11 STANAG output module STANAG Out STANAG Out [1204-11, -25]
12 10/100 Mb PTP module (EOL) PTP PTP Master/Slave [1204-12] (Obsolete)
13 Programmable Frequency Output module (Sine Wave) Prog Freq Out, Sine Programmable Frequency Out [1204-13, -2F, -30]
14 CTCSS, Data Sync/Clock module ("Simulcast") Simulcast Simulcast (CTCSS/Data Clock) [1204-14]
15 IRIG module, BNC (4 outputs) IRIG Out BNC IRIG Out [1204-15, -1E, -22]
17 Square Wave (TTL) output module Sq Wv Out, BNC Programmable Square Wave Out [1204-17]
18 Quad 1 PPS output module (TTL) 1PPS Out BNC 1PPS Out [1204-18, -19, -21, -2B]
19 Quad 1 PPS output module (10 V) 1PPS Out 10V 1PPS Out [1204-18, -19, -21, -2B]
1B HaveQuick output module (RS-485) HAVE QUICK Out, RS-485 HAVE QUICK Out [1204-10, -1B]
1C 10 MHz output module (3 outputs) 10 MHz Out Frequency Out [1204-08, -1C, -26, -38]
1D STANAG input module STANAG In STANAG In [1204-1D, -24]
1E IRIG module, Fiber Optic (4 outputs) IRIG Out, Fiber IRIG Out [1204-15, -1E, -22]
21 Quad 1 PPS output module (RS-485 [terminal block]) 1PPS Out, RS-485 1PPS Out [1204-18, -19, -21, -2B]
22 IRIG module, RS-485 (4 outputs) IRIG Out, RS-485 IRIG Out [1204-15, -1E, -22]
23 Event Broadcast module Event Broadcast Event Broadcast [1204-23]
24 STANAG isolated input module STANAG In, Isolated STANAG In [1204-1D, -24]
25 STANAG isolated output module STANAG Out, Isolated STANAG Out [1204-11, -25]
26 1 MHz output module (3 outputs) 1MHz Out Frequency Out [1204-08, -1C, -26, -38]
27 IRIG module, Fiber Optic (1 input, 1 outputs) IRIG In/Out, Fiber IRIG In/Out [1204-05, -27]
28 1-in/3-out 1 PPS module (TTL [BNC]) 1PPS/Frequency RS-485 1PPS In/Out [1204-28, -2A]
29 1-in/3-out HaveQuick module (TTL [BNC]) HAVE QUICK HAVE QUICK In/Out [1204-29]
2A 1-in/3-out 1 PPS module (Fiber Optic) 1PPS In/Out, Fiber 1PPS In/Out [1204-28, -2A]
2B Quad 1 PPS output module (Fiber Optic) 1PPS Out, Fiber 1PPS Out [1204-18, -19, -21, -2B]
2F Programmable Frequency Output module (TTL) Prog Freq Out, TTL Programmable Frequency Out [1204-13, -2F, -30]
2E Revertive Selector module ("Failover") n/a Revertive Selector Card [1204-2E]
3E STL input module STL STL Option Module [1204-3E]
30 Programmable Frequency Output module (RS-485) Prog Freq Out, RS-485 Programmable Frequency Out [1204-13, -2F, -30]
32 1Gb PTP module Gb PTP PTP Grandmaster [1204-32]
38 10 MHz output module (3 x TNC outputs) 10 MHz Out Frequency Out [1204-08, -1C, -26, -38]