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Option Cards Overview

The table below lists all SecureSync option cards available at the time of publication of this document, sorted by their function.

The table column (see table below) Web UI Name refers to the names under which the cards installed in a SecureSync unit are listed in the INTERFACES > OPTION CARDS drop-down menu.

Detailed specifications and configuration assistance for every card can be found in the APPENDIX. To quickly access the APPENDIX topic for your option card(s), you may use the hyperlinks in table Option cards listed by their ID number.

Note: * Every option card has a unique 2-digit ID number located on its cover plate, and in the center column of the table below. The complete Spectracom Part Number for option cards is 1204-xx (e.g., 1204-18).

Option cards identification

Function Web UI Name Illustration ID* Inputs Outputs Conn.'s
Time and Frequency Cards
Quad 1PPS out (TTL) 1PPS Out BNC 18 0 1PPS, TTL (4x) BNC (4x)
Quad 1PPS out (10 V) 1PPS Out 10V 19 0 1PPS, 10 V (4x) BNC (4x)
Quad 1PPS out (RS-485) 1PPS Out, RS-485 21 0 1PPS, RS-485 (4x) Terminal block, 10-pin
Quad 1PPS out (fiber optic) 1PPS Out, Fiber 2B 0 1PPS, F/O (4x) ST Fiber optic (4x)
1in/3out 1PPS (TTL [BNC]) 1PPS/Frequency RS-485 28 1PPS (1x) 1PPS (3x) BNC (4x)
1in/2out 1PPS/freq (fiber optic) 1PPS In/Out, Fiber 2A 1PPS (1x) 1PPS (2) ST Fiber optic (3x)
5MHz out 5MHz Out 08 0 5MHz (3x) BNC (3x)
10 MHz out 10 MHz Out 1C 0 10 MHz (3x) BNC (3x)
10 MHz out 10 MHz Out 38 0 10 MHz (3x) TNC (3x)
1MHz out 1MHz Out 26 0 1MHz (3x) BNC (3x)
Progr. frequ. out (Sine Wave) Prog Freq Out, Sine 13 0 progr. clock, sine (4x) BNC (4x)
Progr. frequ out (TTL) Prog Freq Out, TTL 2F 0 progr. clock, TTL/sq. (4x) BNC (4x)
Prog frequ out (RS-485) Prog Freq Out, RS-485 30 0 progr. clock, RS-485 (4x) Terminal block, 10-pin
Square Wave out Square Wave Out, BNC 17 0 square wave, TTL (4x) BNC (4x)
1PPS in/out + frequ. in 1PPS/Frequency BNC 01 Var. frequ. + 1PPS 1PPS (TTL) BNC (3x)
1PPS in/out + frequ. in 1PPS/Frequency RS-485 03 10 MHz + 1PPS 1PPS Terminal block, 10-pin
CTCSS, Data Sync/Clock Simulcast 14 0 data clock, CTCSS frequ., 1PPS, 1 alarm (3x) RJ-12 & DB-9
Telecom Timing Cards
E1/T1 data, 75 Ω E1/T1 Out BNC 09 0 1.544/2.048 MHz (1x) unbal. E1/T1 (2x) BNC (3x)
E1/T1 data, 100/120 Ω E1/T1 Out Terminal 0A 0 1.544/2.048 MHz (1x) unbal. E1/T1 (2x) Terminal block, 10-pin
Time Code Cards
ASCII Time Code RS-232 ASCII Timecode RS-232 02 1 RS-232 (1x) DB-9 (2x)
ASCII Time Code RS-485 ASCII Timecode RS-485 04 1 1 Terminal block, 10-pin
IRIG BNC IRIG In/Out BNC 05 1 2 BNC (3x)
IRIG Fiber Optic IRIG In/Out, Fiber 27 1 2 ST Fiber optic (3x)
IRIG out, BNC IRIG Out BNC 15 0 4 BNC (4x)
IRIG out, fiber optic IRIG Out, Fiber 1E 0 4 ST Fiber optic (4x)
IRIG out, RS-485 IRIG Out, RS-485 22 0 4 Terminal block, 10-pin
STANAG input STANAG In 1D 2x 1x DB-25 (1x)
STANAG in, isol. STANAG In, Isolated 24 2x 1x DB-25 (1x)
STANAG out STANAG Out 11 0 2x STANAG, 1x 1PPS DB-25 (1x)
STANAG out, isol. STANAG Out, Isolated 25 0 2x STANAG, 1x 1PPS DB-25 (1x)
HAVE QUICK out RS-485 HAVE QUICK Out, RS-485 1B 0 4 Terminal block, 10-pin
Networking Cards
Gigabit Ethernet Gb Ethernet 06 (3, OR output) (3, OR input) RJ-45 (3x)
1Gb PTP: Master only Gb PTP 32 0 1PPS (1x BNC), SFP (1x) BNC (1x), SFP (1x)
Communication and Specialty Cards
STL (Satellite Time and Location) STL 3E Satellite, Eth. (Maintenance)   SMA, RJ45
Event in, Broadcast out Event Broadcast 23 BNC: Event trigger DB-9: Event broadcast DB-9 + BNC (1x each)
Revertive Selector ("Failover") n/a 2E Frequ. or 1 PPS: (2x) Frequ. or 1PPS(1x) BNC (3x)
Alarm Relay Out Relay Output 0F 0 Relay Out (3x) Terminal block, 10-pin
Bidir. Communication RS-485 Comm 0B Yes Yes Terminal block, 10-pin