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Configuring NTP over Anycast (General Settings)

To setup the NTP over Anycast functionality:

  1. Confirm that your existing network infrastructure is Anycast capable. Determine network specifics, such as the Anycast address and port.
  2. In the SecureSync Web UI, navigate to MANAGEMENT > Network > NTP Setup.
  3. In the Actions Panel, click NTP over Anycast.
  4. In the NTP Anycast window, select the General tab.
  5. On the General tab, select the IP Version you will be running Anycast service for. The options are IPv4, IPv6, or both.
  6. Configure the Anycast Address to be used.
  7. Select the port to associate the Anycast service with (depending on the option card configuration of your unit, there may be only ETH0 available). If you desire IPv6 functionality, you must also select the IPv6 port address since there may be multiple IPv6 addresses on a single port.

  8. Click Submit.

Note: NTP over Anycast is not compatible with TimeKeeper, i.e. these two services cannot be run simultaneously.

Note: IMPORTANT: For Anycast to function, SecureSync must be in sync to a valid reference, or to itself.