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Configuring NTP Autokey

Note: When you configure NTP Autokey, you must disable the NTP Service first, and then re-enable it after Autokey configuration is completed. See Dis-/Enabling NTP.

To configure NTP Autokey:

  1. Navigate to MANAGEMENT > NETWORK: NTP Setup.
  2. In the NTP Services panel, click the GEAR icon in the top-right corner.
  3. The Edit NTP Services window will display.
  4. Click the Autokey tab.
  5. Check the Autokey box.
  6. Fill in the Passphrase field by creating a passphrase (for a Trusted server—see Certificate Type below), or by using the existing passphrase of your trusted server (for Server and Client certificates).
  7. Select the Certificate Type for your server, by clicking the appropriate radio button for Server, Client, or Trusted.
  8. TRUSTED Server:

    Before a server can be designated Client or Server status, one server must be designated as Trusted. When designating a server as Trusted:

    1. Choose the Trusted radio button.

    2. Click the Submit button.

    A Groupkey is then generated for the network. This Groupkey will be pasted into the Groupkey box to designate another server on the network as Client or Server.

  9. To designate a SecureSync as Trusted, click the Submit button. This will generate a new Groupkey.
  10. To designate a SecureSync as a Client or a Server, paste the generated Groupkey into the Groupkey box, and click the Submit button.