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Configuring "NTP Stratum 1" Operation

When the Timing System references of your SecureSync are normally available (rather than being unavailable most of the time e.g., in areas with poor GNSS reception), it is advisable to use the System Time as a reference to NTP, since this provides NTP with the most accurate references. This mode is called Stratum 1 operation, since SecureSync operates as a Stratum 1 NTP server.

To configure Stratum 1 operation for SecureSync:

  1. Navigate to MANAGEMENT > NETWORK: NTP Setup:
  2. Click the GEAR icon in the NTP Services panel.
  3. The Edit NTP Services window will display. Click the Stratum 1 tab.
  4. Check all of the three options:
    • Enable Stratum 1 Operation

      Checking this option will cause the NTP Service to use the System Time provided by the Timing System input.

    • Prefer Stratum 1

      This option configures NTP to “weigh” the Timing System input heavier than input from other NTP servers for its selection (The Timing System inputs are normally more accurate than other NTP servers).

      However, if the Timing System inputs are not normally available (such as with intermittent GNSS reception or no other inputs are available), it may be desiraable NOT to prefer the Timing System over an NTP reference, in which case this box should not be checked.

    • Enable Stratum 1  1PPS

      This option determines whether or not NTP uses the 1PPS input from the Timing System. The 1PPS input to NTP needs to correlate with its “Time” input. If the Time and PPS inputs are originating from the same source, they will be correlated. However, if the time is originating from another NTP server, but the 1PPS is being derived by the Timing System, the two inputs may not always correlate. Without this correlation, NTP performance will be degraded. In such a scenario, it is best NOT to use the System Time’s 1PPS as a reference.

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