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The INTERFACES menu on the Main screen provides access to SecureSync's:

  • External REFERENCES e.g., the GNSS reference input
  • Detected OUTPUTS, such as 10 MHz and 1PPS
  • Installed OPTION CARDS.

Clicking on any of the line items will open a status screen, providing real-time information on the selected interface e.g., availability, performance data and events history.

To configure settings for the selected interface, click the GEAR icons or buttons provided on most of the status screens. Icons like the INFO symbol provide access to more detailed status information and history data.

Note: Many of the interfaces can be accessed through different menu items e.g., an optional output will be available under the OPTION CARDS menu and the OUTPUTS menu.

The headings of each of the INTERFACES drop-down menus (white on orange) open overview status screens for the respective menu items.