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Signature Control

Signature Control is a user-set parameter that controls under which output states an output will be present. This feature allows you to determine how closely you want to link an output to the status of the active input reference e.g., by deactivating it after holdover expiration. It is also offers the capability to indirectly send an input-reference-lost-alarm to a downstream recipient via the presence of the signal.


You can setup Signature Control such that SecureSync's built in 1PPS output becomes disabled the moment its input reference is lost (e.g., if a valid GNSS signal is lost).

Or, you can setup your output signal such that remains valid while SecureSync in holdover mode, but not in free run.

The available options are:

  1. Output Always Enabled—The output is present, even if SecureSync is not synchronized to its references (SecureSync is free running).
  2. Output Enabled in Holdover—The output is present unless SecureSync is not synchronized to its references (SecureSync is in Holdover mode).
  3. Output Disabled in Holdover—The 1PPS output is present unless the SecureSync references are considered not qualified and invalid (the output is NOT present while SecureSync is in Holdover mode.)
  4. Output Always Disabled—The output is never present, even if SecureSync references are present and valid.

Signature control output-presence states

Ref. Out-of-sync,
no holdover
In holdover In-sync with
external reference