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Spectracom TSync Time Code Processors with internal GNSS receiver are complete bus-level synchronized time code processing boards that support multiple timing, frequency and event inputs and outputs. Inputs used as a timing reference can be configured such that the TSync Time Code Processor automatically switches to the next lower-priority input when the current timing reference is lost, thus providing uninterrupted service.

The onboard oscillator is capable of providing a 5ns resolution, and is typically disciplined by and phase-locked to an external timing input.

In the absence of any valid external timing references this 10 MHz oscillator, central to the TSync Time Code Processor timing functions, provides holdover functionality, thus allowing the TSync Time Code Processor to continue serving time and frequency, until an external reference becomes available again.

The TSync Time Code Processor generates an IRIG AM and IRIG DCLS output pair, as well as 10 MHz sine wave and 1PPS outputs.

The four programmable inputs may be used as event capture inputs, dedicated to your time-tagging applications. Four user-programmable alarm and frequency outputs are provided as well. Programmable output functions include a periodic pulse or “heartbeat,” square wave, and a programmable start/stop time “alarm” output.

Key to the TSync Time Code Processor's functionality is the ability to generate interrupts. Using one of the many available Spectracom driver packages, you may configure your card using interrupt-driven algorithms to support your custom application.